There are two packages available to Tenet for purchase:

Upper Level Protection

Package combines products aimed at rapid response to internal flooding events such as overflowing bath, burst pipe, sprinklers being set off.

Diverters are used to both soak water and create a channel to divert water away from key areas. At 10ft long per tube, 2 Diverters per tube, these can be cojoined to control and direct the flow of exiting water.

Boom Bag Tube
Bags have immense soaking properties with a capacity of over 4 gallons in 3 mins. In same vein as fire extinguishers, these tubes can be conveniently positioned throughout the facility and provide immediate response to any water intrusion occurrences.

Defender Kits
These bags provide an immediate and robust solution to water intrusion instances. When positioned in the emergency zone, they will both soak excess waters and create a barrier which can isolate and contain the water.

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Ground Floor Protection

This package also includes the upper level flooding package for internal water issues. It has the added protection for external flooding. The flatpacks offer the equivalent protection of 480 sandbags plus 480 feet of FloodScreen. All fits onto less than one single pallet for easy storage.

This is a dual layer membrane with a self-adhesive strip that can be applied to entranceways, providing an impenetrable barrier to water in minutes. Customisable to any entranceway, it is mobilised in minutes and with its strong bonding adhesive, will apply to any surface. Each roll can provide coverage for up to 60 feet. Use Boom and Defender Bags to anchor FloodScreen in position.

FlatPacks Defenders
These packs are rapid deployment equivalents of sandbags. Simply lie in place or immerse in the flood waters and they will inflate in a approximately 3 minutes. Used in conjunction with the FloodScreen, these are easily positioned to provide a robust barrier to rising floods.

FlatPack BoomBags
With each case providing the equivalent of 60 sandbags but weighing the case weight at less than 9lbs, BoomBags provide a rapid response to combat against expected floods. Simply put in place ahead of rising floods and they will inflate from the flood water itself and weigh 45lbs in roughly 3 mins.

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Upper Level Protection Package - Price: $911.88/package

Ground Level Protection Package - Price: $2515.88/package

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