DefenderBag™ Pack

DefenderBag™ Pack

1 box includes 5 x DefenderBag™ and 1 Piece of FloodScreen™ 1m x 3m

Designed to replace traditional sandbags

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Product Description

For general flood protection: 1 box replaces 5 sandbags. Specialised cover lets water in easily, and internal super absorbent polymer (SAP) absorbs and holds water to inflate the individual bags from 290g to approx. 20kg in a few minutes. Includes 5 X DefenderBag™ and 1 Piece of FloodScreen™(1m x 3m).

1 DefenderBag™ 45cm x 55cm replaces 1 traditional sandbag

FloodScreen™ is an impervious membrane designed to work with FloodAvert® FloodBag™ defence products to protect wider openings such as doorways. It has self-adhering peel off tape at the top to aid deployment and make the system easy and fast to use. It comes in 3m lengths in the three FloodBag™ Box options, and individual10m lengths in our hanging box.

  • Efficient, easy storage
  • Ready to use off the shelf
  • Long shelf life
  • Easily accessible
  • Easy to use – just add water – no sand


Material Safety Data Sheet

Additional Information

Weight 2.520 kg
Dimensions 55 x 45 cm